Principal Message

Great thoughts about learning generalizes the fact that the key to success is lifelong learning.  the fact  that schooling is an inevitable process that prepares   a person by inculcating habits of practice ,trial and error,  attempts and re-attempts and in short ,a Process Without Full Stops But Only Commas .

Having stated that, we come to the basic question of every parent…  How do you choose the right and best place to be as a preparatory place for your ward?  Where do you find those ethical and moral social cultural multi-dimensional dreams and aspirations of this young curious minds are rightly attended with care and love; they rightly deserve during those growing years?

Team Mangalam and Mangalam Group Of Education:  we are your answer for this search … . when it comes to this search of a base to the top institution’ all under one single roof  , WE  are your answer …..we are the team who nurture  child’s  inborn talents,  to prepare them for the future challenges through  quality education  and committed teamwork of a students, teachers and  parents .